As marketers, we believe that your single, overriding goal is to create emotional connections between your consumers and your brand. Anything and everything else is a distraction, and this focus is especially necessary in the rapidly changing world of digital advertising.
Let’s face it. The reason the TVC dominates our media landscape still is because of its immense storytelling power. The video has evolved to be an extremely efficient and atomic way to tell a story on TV, and that digital is still looking for its own way to tell stories, and in turn create emotional connections.
Whereas TVCs rule the television roost, online, branded environments and content are how brands are creating emotional connections with their consumers – every single day.


Journeying beyond ATL media, the click is the clearest way for a consumer to raise their hand and declare their interest in your product. Our job is to get you the best clicks at the best rate at scale. We understand that you are looking for a large number of clicks, and we are great at getting you clicks.

However, clicks are just the beginning of the story. We use leading edge tools to measure the post-click story, including bounce rates, registration rates and time on site. With this data, we optimize our media plans and are constantly negotiating with suppliers on your behalf to get better performance from your clicks.

Branded Environments

Digital Assets, Facebook pages, microsites, essentially, we are talking about Owned Media. The line between advertiser and publisher has just about disappeared. Where before, advertisers paid publishers to create content, advertisers have bought publishers entirely and absorbed both the risk and the gains in one fell swoop.


Beyond videos, advertisers are investing more and more into their own content. At Daybreak, we split content into four categories: video, games, tools and articles. Depending on the situation, we work with clients to choose the right content category, work with the right teams (as necessary) and come up with syndication strategies to distribute the content to your consumers efficiently.